Cost estimator

Three factors go into your cost estimate

Every workshop is different and likewise there is no one number that will fit all groups. Though the group is billed as a whole, the per-person cost is generally from $250 to $500 pp depending on the group size - the larger the group, the lower the per person cost. After a brief conversation AOD can give you a very accurate estimate of the group cost.

Some groups may want AOD to develop a per-person charge, to be paid by the learner. In general, this charge will be higher that group charging and will require a minimum number of registrants. 


Group size

Pricing is based on 3 group sizes. The size is determined prior to the workshop so that the appropriate resources can be assured

<15 learners
16-30 learners
>30 learners

Within any one group size there is latitude given the day of the workshop since it may be difficult to know your staff's availability. 


Travel and shipping

Travel costs for your instructors as well as the cost of shipping equipment is calculated into your estimate.



There are a variety of sources of CME. In many cases your facility has the ability to accredit AOD activities,  When this is not available, AOD has sources of accreditation. The cost will be additional.  CE credit from the AANA is generally available.