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(for 1 to 100+ leaners)

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The best Airway workshops since 1997

The AOD team has held over 140 airway workshop events with groups of 1 to 100 or more clinicians. Each  course includes eight to ten hours of highly coordinated didactics and hands-on practice. The course content can be customized for your group of doctors, nurse anesthetists, nurses, first responders and others. Simulation can be included. 

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The AirwayOnDemand curriculum is completely customizable.  Your group can decide what topics are most important to cover.  To view the typical workshop curriculum click below. 

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Typical schedule

The AirwayOnDemand workshop is organized around the schedule of your practice group, professional society or multi-specialty hospital. Therefore you choose the date and venue of the workshop. In most cases, the didactic material is experienced on-demand by each learner, at their convenience with an update/QA meeting and hands-on practice session scheduled later.  Click below for a typical schedule

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Previous workshops

To date AOD has held more than 140 workshops. In many cases AOD has been invited back for encore  "performances". Click below to see a list of past events 

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Cost estimator

We wish we could give you a flat-out estimate of what an airway workshop would cost. There are several factors that go into the pricing.  See our cost estimator for more information. On the other-hand, we can guarantee that the per-learner cost of any AOD workshop will be surprisingly lower than any comparable course.  How can we do this? Simple! Our experts come to you - you not only avoid travel costs, but also  lost work days. There is no practice interruption! 

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Syllabus update

Click below to see the latest literature added to the evidence based AOD airway syllabus

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AOD solo

AOD offers one-on-one tutorials. You and your instructor meet at your facility, or in New Haven, CT for an unparalleled learning experience.  This is often chosen by clinicians starting a new job and need a hands-on refresher in airway management (or POCUS!), or those who realize that airway management techniques and concepts have been evolving  while they were using those learned in training. You and your instructor set the curriculum - learn the techniques that are important for your practice. These courses are typically more pricey than group workshops, but travel and lost work days can be avoided. 

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In 2023, AOD launched POCUS@home. Leaders in POCUS come to your facility for small group  (1:3) hands-on teaching in POCUS using live models and task trainers. No need to travel and pay high tuition to learn POCUS! 

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Real patient video on Youtube

AirwayOnDemand maintains the internets largest collection of anesthesia airway videos (HIAAPA compliant) on YouTube. 

Our Partners

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Anesthesiolog News

AnesthesiologyNews.com has been highlighting the AOD video collection since 2020


Every AOD workshop features the ORsim VR simulator

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